Family Law

Divorce and separation from a common-law relationship are highly stressful events involving strong emotions. We take the time to listen to your concerns and offer you legal advice and objective guidance throughout this process. It is our goal to ensure that you feel supported and guided by our knowledgeable lawyers as we help to inform you of your rights and obligations. 

While protecting your interests, we will guide you toward the conclusion of matters involving divorce and separation.

If there are children involved, you should be aware that the Courts are always in favour of the best interests of the child. While this process is emotionally challenging, we are here to help ensure the best interests of the child are maintained, with the aim of settling the legal matters outside of Court, or via trial before a Judge.

It is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice immediately upon separation, so that all of your conduct will be in the best interests of the child, and in a manner that will favour your case before a Judge. Please feel free to contact us directly for guidance on how to proceed. 

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